Yakuten 2020 online

"Yakuten 2020 online" is a mini-exhibition where companies and services such as translation, interpretation, foreign language learning, and overseas business are exhibited together. At the translation exhibition 2019 held last year, 140 people including students visited. This year it will be held online. This is an open event centered on product introduction and recruitment, and anyone can participate for free.
(Presentations and materials are usually in Japanese.)

* Please contact info@translation.foundation if you would like to exhibit.


Memsource a.s.

SDL Japan

Xtra, Inc.

XTM International Ltd.

SunFlare Co., Ltd. / SanFlare Academy

Cloud Ace

Sparta English Method

FEAT Limited.


Sports Scene


Human Science Co., Ltd.

Rozetta Corp.

Japanese Standards Association


*Exhibition booth

SunFlare Academy

SunFlare Co., Ltd.

XTM Cloud v12.5
XTM International

MTrans Team

Human Science Co., Ltd.

*Keynote & Presentation

Exhibitor presentation part 1

13:00 Cloud Ace, Inc. - Business Development Office Mr. Akira Matsubara

"About GennAI Prompter, a support tool for creating minutes in other languages."

13:10 Sparta English Method - Ms. Mayuka Kawaguchi
"more than; Goal-aware translation / interpretation service"

13:20 LS - Mr. Yoshiaki Yamashita
"Business introduction of LS"

13:30 XTM International - Japan branch manager Ms. Yumiko Metsugi
"XTM - the Advanced Translation Management System for Enterprise"

13:40 SunFlare Co., Ltd. SanFlare Academy Mr. Masakazu Nakagawa

"Introducing Industrial Translation and SunFlare"

(10 minutes break)

14:00 - 14:30

Keynote 1 "A personal connection is one in which blood flows and the hearts of each other undulate."

LSJP Inc. - Chief Operation Officer Ms. Yuki Sekine

14:30 - 14:45

Keynote 2 "What about DeepL, which is a hot topic these days? How is it different from Google Translate??"

365y - Founder & CEO Mr. Fumihiko Koyama

(5 minutes break)

Exhibitor presentation part 2

14:50 Japanese Standards Association - Ms. Aya Saito

"Power up your translation service with ISO 17100 certification"

15:00 Sports Scene - Musou Argentina C.F. Owner Mr. Jun Moriyama

"Club management and training in Argentina, a soccer powerhouse"

15:10 FEAT Limited. - Mr. Masayuki Abe

"Application and deployment of multilingual speech translation system compatible with ubiquitous environment"

15:20 Rozetta Corp. Mr. Maro Watanabe

"What is T-3MT that makes it easy to create your own AI automatic translation?"

15:30 Memsource a.s. - Enterprise Sales Manager Mr. Yuichi Kimura

"With TMS using Memsource's AI, with user cases, How to use it one step further"

15:40 SDL Japan - Sales Mr. Yasuhiro Saikai

"Introducing the translation support tool "SDL Trados Studio" - The cloud is here! ~"

15:50 Xtra, Inc. - Mr. Yuta Sato

"Ultra-high-precision AI automatic translation improves work efficiency"

(10 minutes break)

*Panel discussion

16:00 - 17:30

Panel discussion「About future translation technology and machine translation」


Memsource - Enterprise Sales Manager Mr. Yuichi Kimura

Rozetta Corp. - Mr. Maro Watanabe

XTM International - Japan branch manager Ms. Yumiko Metsugi


365y - Fumihiko Koyama

LSJP Inc. (Philippines) Chief Operation Officer - Ms. Yuki Sekine

Even though it is said that 80% of the Japanese have withdrawn from Cebu due to the corona sickness, she is a talented woman who remains in the field and promotes business development. You will know how to make and utilize bloody connections, and this time you will be able to teach the know-how in an easy-to-understand manner. Don't miss it!